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CudlTuf™ Toys are the Perfect toys for You and your Pet! 


Happy Pup

Toys are the perfect toys for any dog! CudlTuf toys are designed with you and your dog in mind. Squeakers and crinkle liner paper create entertaining sounds.  They are Plush, Whimiscal, Fun and Durable! 

Dog Listening

Stimulate the Senses
We all need a little mental stimulation. Interactive toys can keep your dog occupied.  CudlTuf toys produce sounds when played with that will keep your dogs attention.

Max Cudl_1.jpg

Some dogs just like to cuddle. Your dog may latch onto a soft blanket or a plush toy.  Some doggies carry a plush toy around like a security blanket.  CudlTuf toys make great pillows!

Dog in Action

CudlTuf™ Features
Featuring Aduratek; tear resistant 3D Spacer Mesh Inner Lining with taped double stitched reinforced seams for more durability. 

It's heavy duty tough but soft construction - Plush - Crinkle Paper - Squeakers( will squeak even if punctured) -Floppy - Durable - Rope (for Tug-of-War) and Colorful!

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