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About CudlTuf  

CudlTuf is a small women owned business based in the San Francisco Bay Area, founded by Debra Johnson and Sue Rodgerson.  We specialize in creating high quality, plush, durable and fun products for pets.  We design and create our products with our own pets in mind.  This ensures that our products are perfect for the pet owner that is zealous about their companions.  We hope that you will love them just as much as we do!  We are entrepreneurs that do real estate investing, consulting and coaching; so why not design pet toys that are durable, super cute, and creative?  So that is what we set out to do.  The Magic Unicorn and the Rainbow Dog Toy are our first of many to come.  There is a great need to support rescue facilities and other Pet Charities, so a percentage of each sale will go to one of our selected charities.                                        


                                                                    Sue and her husband have had up to six dogs and a cat at one time and now they have ONLY                                                                       three and a newly rescued cat.  The living room looks like a child’s play room with all kinds                                                                         of pet toys.  Currently they have two beagles, Starr and Lombardi,  Elvis their “foster failure,”                                                                       and Stannie, the not so feral, feral kitty.  The dogs have been our official toy testers and can’t                                                                     wait for more toys to try! 





                                                                    Debra is an entrepreneur, with a real estate investment company and she has coached other                                                                         investors on a national level.  She also does consulting with her business partner Sue.  When                                                                       trying to decide what ecommerce business to start, Sue mentioned that lack of durability is                                                                         one of the biggest problem that pet owners have with toys.  So they set out to design more                                                                         durable yet whimsical and fun dog toys. Debra found her Grand-dog Riza to be the perfect                                                                         "Tester". 



                                                MEET Some of OUR TESTERS



                                                               Howdy!  I'm Elvis a Labrador, a Pitbull, and maybe Border Collie Mix,                                                                          and I was rescued by Music Lovers!

                                                                        I was found on the streets in a nearby neighborhood and searched for my previous owners, but to                                                                               no avail. My rescuers intended on just fostering me, but they couldn't resist this cute face and soon                                                                             I became part of their family!  So much for "fostering".  I love every kind of toy out there and I'm                                                                                   an expert toy tester!!  I like to play tug of war, toss, chew, squeak and cuddle with every toy inside                                                                               and In the back yard.  I really put them through the ringer!                                                                                               





                                                                         Hello!  I'm Lombardi the Beagle, my owners are Packer Fans!

                                                                         I am the forever young 16 year old Beagle.  I still get excited about toys and my ultimate goal is                                                                                    to find the squeaker!  I can fool you because I'm sweet as pie, but I go right for the squeaker!  I                                                                                     helped to inspire the double stitched taped seams in our toys. 






                                                            Hi!  I'm Riza the Anatolian Shepherd, and I was rescued by a loving family! 

                                                                     I was blessed to be rescued by a family with two boys that needed a rambunctious dog to share                                                                                    their energy and love!  My first Christmas with my new family it took me only one hour to destroy                                                                                my Christmas toy!  That's why I'm the perfect Tester! 

                                                                Hello!  I'm Starr the flirty Beagle, my owners are just the best! 

                                                                        I'm the adorable 14year old beagle that bats my pretty eyelashes to get my way and it works a lot!                                                                               I love toys with a durable squeaker because I use the toys to announce breakfast and dinner at                                                                                     our house.  I call it the "breakfast Bugle" or "Dinner Bell".  I find a toy that squeaks and makes them                                                                              squeak continuously until the meal is served.  Puncture proof squeakers come in handy!


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